Getting your house ready to list is an important first step. We’ll help you from day one, but here’s a few tips to get you started!

Make Any Necessary Repairs

Fixing things that you know will come up in an inspection report can help immensely. Things such as broken fire alarms, window seals, and other readily apparent, minor fixes are a good idea. You should especially consider anything that can be seen in photos.

Paint Your Rooms

If the paint is old or the walls are scratched, it probably seems like an obvious tip. However, if the rooms are also uniquely colored, you may consider changing them to a more neutral color. It sounds crazy, but a lot of buyers can’t see through LOUD colors and presentation is critical. Our photos will make your house look like a million bucks, but the actual presentation needs to be up to par.

Stage With Your Own Furniture

We will help, but consider arranging your furniture in ways that is pleasing and open. You’ll never impress 100% of people 100% of the time, but open concepts are the most popular right now, and arranging your furniture to give an open feeling over a more comfortable one can lead buyers to see your rooms a little more favorably.

Hide Personal Items

We could make a huge list of personal items to hide, but the big ones are photos, valuables, medication, and weapons. Consider that photos of your house will be published across the entire world, and don’t advertise anything you don’t want the world seeing. Guns may be your hobby, but they can also make your home a target. We always highly recommend hiding photos of kids for the same reason. There’s no need for strangers to know who lives at this address.

Tidy Up Pet Spaces

Pets are people too, we know! We love our pets. But pets are also generally very poor at cleaning up after themselves. While this market is more friendly towards pets than others we’ve worked in, it’s still a great idea to clean up their spaces. Hide dog beds during photos and showings, and keep litter boxes out of sight if possible. We always suggest looking for specials on local doggie day cares to keep those little guys busy and happy while strangers are in their home!

Cut The Clutter

Our counters are our collecting spaces. We put everything there. So, if you’re like us, find a good place to stash it all! Buyers respond much more positively to a very clean house than they do to houses with a lot of clutter. Pack anything you can, and hide everything else. This is critical for photos, but also important during general showings.

Have Floors Cleaned

This is especially important for carpet. Get carpet professionally cleaned. It’ll get the odors out that you’re used to (don’t worry, everyone’s house has a unique smell, it’s not a bad thing!) and it will show much better. Likewise, consider cleaning hard floors and having wood floors repaired or re-stained if needed.

Avoid Too Many Air Fresheners

Some odor control is encouraged, but too many makes it feel like you’re masking a smell. Also, some people are incredibly sensitive to air fresheners and it could drive away a potential sale. The same goes for strong pet odors. There should be a good balance of clean, but not intrusive odors both good and bad.

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